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Why Get A Home Inspection?

For a fraction of the cost of the financial investment you are putting towards a house, having a professional home inspector investigate the condition of a property is worthwhile.  Not only is an inspection a great way to uncover hidden deficiencies using the expertise and tools of a home inspector, but it is also a great introduction to your new home and the proper maintenance of its systems. When you view a home with a realtor it is often a very exciting time where little areas or deficiencies in a home may be overlooked whereas during the home inspection our inspectors can help you have a more realistic valuation of a potential home.

During our more than 16 years in the construction business, we have personally seen so many homeowners tackle difficult home improvement projects and have experienced first-hand what a toll it can take on someone mentally, physically and financially. We hope to protect our clients from unexpected repairs by uncovering defects in their potential home, and equip them with the knowledge on how to best care for their home with preventative maintenance.

Homes have long been our passion, and we have seen a lot of homes deteriorate from neglect, while others preserved through care, proper cleanings, and maintenance. We have a deep passion for beautiful, healthy homes, and have tackled many home beautification projects in order to help create spaces that are truly enjoyable to spend time in. We extend this passion for beautiful, healthy homes to our business and aim to equip our clients with the ability to make the right decisions for them regarding deficiencies in a home and proper home maintenance.

What you can Expect from Us:

  • Confidence in making decisions backed by the full information regarding true condition of a home
  • Licensed, certified & qualified inspector – who is committed to ongoing education
  • Friendly, approachable inspector to address your questions and concerns in plain language
  • Comprehensive standards of practice
  • Detailed report complete with photos, maintenance tips & recommendations
  • After-Inspection Support for as long as you own the home

Avoid a Costly Investmentknow the true condition of a home!

Accurate Home Inspection Calgary