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Air Purification and Odor Removal 

Ozone Blasting Treatments

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Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind our services with our Satisfaction Guarantee.  If immediately after an Ozone Blasting Treatment you still detect lingering odors, we will re-treat the area to ensure the air is purified to your satisfaction – at no extra cost. 

Lingering odors? Selling your home? Purchased a new home, that smells of the previous owners and their Cooking? Smoke? Pets? Having a hard time pinpointing unpleasant odors and removing them from your home? Look no further, our innovative and all natural way of cleaning and deodorizing may be the answer you have been looking for.

If your home is plagued by unwanted odors let me use Ozone Blasting to rid your house of these pervasive smells and improve its indoor air quality. Stop masking the smells with room fragrances, candles or spray– instead have the cause of the odor eliminated. It’s a safe and effective way to permanently remove odors, allowing you to enjoy your spaces again, and returning your home to a safe and healthy environment for your family. Bocc Ozone Blasting services provide a wide variety of uses within your home, office, or vehicle.

Cigarette Smoke

Cigarette smoke leaves toxins in the air and clings to surfaces, which often cause a lingering foul odor that can be hazardous to your health. These lingering odors from the chemicals in cigarettes, is often a deterrent for potential buyers when selling homes, vehicles, RV’s or furniture. Ozone will target those chemical cells and neutralize them, returning your space into a fresh and healthy area.

Cooking Odors

Though we may enjoy home cooked meals for only a moment on our tongue, the cooking odors continue to linger on after the meal. Ozone blasting will permanently remove the leftovers from previous meals cooked within your home.  A beneficial service when putting your home on the market, or when purchasing a home, allowing the new owners a fresh start. The last thing you want to smell in your new home, is lingering cooking odors from the previous owner or tenant. Food odors can permeate the air of your home and leave unpleasant odors for a long period of time. Ozone quickly penetrates and eliminates these odors at their source.

Animal Odors

We love our pets, but do you love the way they smell? Accidents happen, dander builds up and odors sink into homes, vehicles and businesses when pets are involved. Allergens and odors left behind can be eliminated through to use of Bocc Ozone Blasting. Pet odors are some of the most difficult odors to treat, and even to notice as a pet owner.  Guests and potential buyers of your home often notice these foul odors left behind by our furry loved ones.  Over a billion dollars is spent annually creating new products to mask these odors, whereas, ozone blasting works to ensure pet odor is eliminated at its source.

Vehicle Odors

Ozone blasting can help with the sale of a used vehicle by removing built up odors from cigarette smoke, water, food, and pets. Odors like smoke and stagnant water can be a real issue, especially when you consider the smaller space of a vehicle. Even the air conditioning system can leave residual odors. Looking to sell a vehicle? Our affordable services can help make the difference to your bottom line when odors linger from your day to day life. Ozone blasting can leave behind the fresh smell of rain showers.

Recreational Vehicles

Multiple odors, and harmful bacteria can easily build up in recreational vehicles especially due to storage, moisture, and septic tanks. Left-over food, clothing, un-clean septic tanks and even the unplugged fridge during storage, can create foul odors that negatively impact your family’s camping experience. Allow us to get rid of the unpleasant smells and germs residing in your recreational vehicle, so that you can enjoy your time away from home much more.  An annual ozone blasting is recommended prior to the beginning of camping season so you can fully enjoy your home away from home, odor free.

Fire & Flood

A fire or flood can cause major damage to a home or area, even after it has been remediated. Odors caused by fire or flood can be difficult and costly to treat with traditional methods. Before considering replacement of furniture and carpeting, turn to Bocc Ozone Blasting to eliminate the odor. Ozone blasting is an effective and affordable method to eliminate the lingering smell smoke or moisture may leave behind.