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Frequently Asked Questions – Ozone Blasting Treatments

Are ozone blasting treatments safe?

When conducted by a trained and certified professional ozone blasting treatments are very safe.  Ozone has a short half life, so the molecule will decay and revert back into oxygen in a short time period.  As per our treatment procedure we allow an air out period to help ensure that we have given ample time for the ozone to dissipate before occupants return to the home.

How long is the treatment process?

Length of treatment varies. Vehicle treatments are under a hour, where a full home treatment usually require 48 hours (includes treatment and air out process). For occupied homes we recommend booking during a trip or vacation. It is a great excuse for a weekend getaway!

Will there be a leftover ozone smell?

There is often a leftover faint smell of ozone the first couple weeks following a treatment.  Past clients have enjoyed this smell and describe it as clean & fresh smell, similar to that after a lightning storm or after the rain. The ozone smell will continue to fade over time.

Will there be a residue left behind?

No.  Ozone is a gas substance similar to oxygen and there is absolutely no residue during or after an ozone blasting treatment.  This is very different from ozone bombs or dry-ice treatments.

How do ozone treatments effect those with allergies or respiratory issues?

Ozone blasting treatments not only eliminate bad odors but they also target airborne allergens, pathogens and VOCs which improves the indoor air quality.  Those with allergies or respiratory issues will likely benefit from having their indoor air purified, though immediately after the treatment may experience respiratory sensitivities. If this is a concern, please mention at time of booking and allow for a longer air-out process.

What if after a treatment an odor still remains?

If the odor remains after an ozone blasting treatment is completed we will re-treat the area at no extra charge.  We are not satisfied until you are!

Can ozone damage anything within our home, RV or vehicle?

Ozone is relatively safe to use, especially if conducted by trained and certified ozone shock technicians.  Ozone reacts with pure rubber, pure silver, elastic and oil paintings. To err on the side of caution it is best to be proactive, we suggest bagging or removing oil paintings, elastic clothing, silver jewellery and rubber hoses & items. We have never had an issue during any of the treatments we have conducted thus far because we take these extra precautions to avoid damage.

Do you provide free quotes or consultations?

Yes! We recommend having an in-home consultation for us to determine whether an ozone blasting treatment is a good fit for you. At this time we can provide a quote.

How much does it cost?

Contact us for a cost estimate based on square footage, location and degree of scope.

If you would like to book an ozone blasting treatment or have any other questions please do not hesitate to reach us! There are no silly questions.  We are happy to help!

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