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Sample Home Inspection Report

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Our reports include:

  • Detailed findings
  • Photos
  • Videos (when appropriate/necessary)
  • Thermal Images
  • Maintenance Tips
  • Educational Diagrams
  • Recommendations

Our Reporting Software allows you to access your report online, share with others, and create a repair list. We conclude our detailed report with a summary of recommendations and repairs at the end as well for your convenience. Our online inspection agreements allow for clients to read and understand what to expect from a home inspection prior to the appointment. Additionally,  taking care of the agreement prior to the inspection helps us make better use of our time at the inspection and accommodates clients who are unable to attend the time of inspection.

For Realtors, we have a built in request list feature that assists in creating an amendment for renegotiation with saves you time and hassle.

Accurate Home Inspection Calgary