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Looking for fall furnace care tips?

Have you ever imagined your furnace shutting off in the dead of winter? It surely is not something we want any of our past clients or readers to experience. Because our company cares, we reached out to our HVAC Specialist, George Altawil from Altawil’s Heating for tips on taking care of our furnace in preparation for our cold Calgary winters:

  1. Perform Annual Fall Service
    The best place to start in caring for your furnace prior to the start of winter is to hire a specialist to perform an annual fall service. This entails having the HVAC expert perform a ‘full point diagnostic’ looking for the safety and operation of the parts of the furnace, while also replacing furnace filter and the humidifier pads. Professional furnace maintenance will reduce the wear and tear on your furnace, assisting your furnace to run strong during the winter. It is always best to catch the preventable issues before they can become more expensive repairs.
  2. Ensure Proper Air Flow for Your Furnace
    When it comes to heating your home, having a proper functioning furnace is only half the equation, while the other important factor is quality ventilation throughout your home. Make sure your furniture or household items are not blocking your vents or air intakes. Proper air flow also requires a clean furnace filter. George recommends replacing the filter every 4-6 months.
  1. Monitor Exterior for High Efficiency Furnace Venting
    You will also want to ensure the exterior furnace vents are kept clear throughout the winter. We recommend to check them routinely during the cold season for blockages caused by snow, ice, leaves, pests or other items such as outdoor furniture, hockey nets or stacked wood, etc… Each season in our neighborhood, we have multiple homeowners experiencing their furnace shut off during the winter due to blocked exterior venting. Blockages are common during the cold months as frost caused by condensation being build up in the vent overtime, which can reduce the efficiency of the furnace, cause the furnace safety shut-off mechanism to kick in, or worse – it can lead to carbon monoxide (CO) build-up within your home.
  1. Average Lifespan of a Furnace
    It is also helpful to keep in mind that the average lifespan of a furnace is between roughly 20 to 25 years if properly maintained and cared for. If you have a furnace which is over 20 years you may want to consider budgeting for a furnace replacement and seeking a free no-obligation quote.

We wish for everyone to have a warm and toasty winter, and a proper functioning furnace! If you would like to learn more, book an annual fall service, or have your vents cleaned we recommend you reach out to our trusted vendor, George Altawil of Altawil’s Heating! He generously offering 15% off a Fall Service for anyone who mentions this article!

George Altawil