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You’ve had your home inspected, taken care of the closing paperwork and finally took possession of the new home! We understand you are very busy doing a deep clean, moving everything in, organizing cupboards and closets, arranging furniture, possibly painting walls or even doing a few renovations. We get it, we have been there before! It is a busy time settling into a new home. However, within your to-do list of moving into your new home please also include addressing the deficiencies that were highlighted during your home inspection. Since we know your time and savings are valuable, we have compiled a list of common things that pop up during a home inspection that we recommend to be repaired promptly and not put off for too long.

Firstly, address any thing that prevents water intrusion. Water is a home’s worst enemy as Adam Boccinfuso, Certified Master Inspector, always says. This includes:

  • Grading – Proper grading prevents water from sitting next to the foundation of your home.
  • Roof Repairs – Fix any missing shingles and improper flashing.
  • Downspouts – Keep them down and pointing away from the home (6 to 8 feet). If an extension was recommended during your inspection, it is best to add it upon taking possession of the home, especially before rainy season.

DID YOU KNOW: Foundations are damp-proofed, and not water-proofed which is why it is important for the exterior water drainage systems to be functioning properly.

  • Loose Toilet – It could be leaking into the sub-floor and causing further damage. Or it may just be a loose toilet, either way it’s a small repair worth taking care of right away.
  • Bathroom Exhaust – Showers and baths emit a lot of moisture into the air, improper venting will lead to moisture build up either in your bathroom or in your attic. We recommend repairing a weak bathroom exhaust fan and addressing the venting if it was flagged during your home inspection.
  • Leaky Sinks, Showers, bathtubs – Anything that may be dispersing water into your home should be fixed as soon as possible. Water leaks lead to material damage and potential mold issues down the road.

Secondly, address any fire hazards! This could be any improper electrical that was flagged during the home inspection. Additionally, we recommend everyone to replace their fire and CO detectors. While we are able to test is they have power, and are connected, we are unable to truly test these during a home inspection, as we would need to emit smoke and CO during a home inspection to see if the detector picks it up and alarms. For your family’s safety, we recommend spending the small amount to replace these we dual CO/Fire detectors that are hardwired and connected to each other.

While the list could go on, loose handrails, improperly supported decks and etc.. These tend to be the most common repairs recommended during home inspections that can cause further damage if left as is. Once the repairs are taken care of, you can enjoy your new house as you furnish it and make it your home. Congrats on your new home, from the team at Bocc Inspections, we wish you much happiness in your new home!