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May 2017

15 Tips for a Speedy Home Sale

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15 Tips for a Speedy Home Sale

  1. Sell your home first, then buy.
  2. Know your hidden monsters.
    – Have a pre-listing home inspection
    – Have answers and information for any areas that may be of concern (Ex: quotes)
  3. Obtain a new Real Property Report if there has been any changes to the exterior structure of your home (Ex: Deck, a RPR costs roughly ~$900)
  4. Get permits for any work that has been done to your home.
  5. Paint! Painting is one of the few renovations that you earn a positive return from.
    – Have a paint consult to ensure an appealing color is chosen.
  6. Sell the potential
    – Purchase plus improvements can often be built into mortgages for your buyers
  7. Look organized.
    – Collect warranty information, manuals, label keys etc…
  8. De-clutter. Soon this home will no longer be yours.
    – Closets and cupboards too.
    – Purchase new display towels for bathrooms.
  9. De-personalize
    – Remove photos.
    – Have fresh and appealing bedding.
  10. Creep on show homes for staging ideas.
  11. Pay attention to curb appeal.
    – Make the pathway inviting
    –  Flowers
    – Clean up leaves, snow & dog feces.
    – Clean oil/vehicle spills off driveway.
  12. Use special feature signage around home.
  13. Leave during showings.
    – Bring your pets too.
  14. Get professional photos taken of your home for your MLS listing.
  15. Beware of overpricing. Be competitive

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