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Remove Odors & VOC’s With Ozone Blasting

By January 29, 2016January 6th, 2018Healthy Home, Home Maintenance, Uncategorized

Remove Odors & VOC’s with Ozone Blasting
Airborne odors can linger within homes caused by pets, previous cooking, smoking and more.  When unpleasant smells cannot simply be covered up with candles, deep cleaning or other band-aids, ozone blasting is a great solution to permanently removing old odors. It is important to have ozone blasting performed by a trained and certified professional, to ensure it is properly conducted ensuring an effective odor removal, and safety for you and your home.

Ozone Blasting in a Nutshell

Ozone blasting is a natural and environmentally friendly deodorizing and cleaning method harnessing the power of an ozone (O3) molecule. Bocc Ozone Blasting is a safe, effective and affordable method to remove odors from a variety of spaces, vehicles and items. With our Ozone Blasting services we can permanently remove odors allowing you to enjoy your spaces again, returning your home to a safe and healthy environment for your family and even increase your market of potential buyers when looking to sell. Ozone is a highly soluble gas that is able to penetrate though the air and eliminate odors in a variety of areas.  It is one of nature’s most powerful cleaning and disinfecting instruments. Ozone works to clean and deodorize your belongings by attaching itself to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and breaking down their cell wall.  Ozone blasting is highly effective in permanently removing odors from areas, as it kills the odor causing elements, rather than covering them up.

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