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4 Crucial Reasons Your Home Needs an Ozone Blast

By March 29, 2016January 6th, 2018Healthy Home, Home Inspections
  1. Eliminates Odors

All too often home owners become familiar with lingering odors in our homes and rather than eliminating them we try to cover them up with room sprays, candles, potpourri, Scentsy, Febreze or Glad products. These methods are futile in removing odors as they simply cover up the smell temporarily by adding new smells and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) further polluting your indoor air. Ozone is an effective, natural cleaner and deodorizer which eliminates organic odors through oxidization, before reverting safely back into oxygen.

  1. Give Your Home a Fresh Start

Whether it’s the home you are moving out of, your current home, or your new home, press reset and give it that “new home” smell again. Ozone blasting treatments effectively remove that odor from where your cute puppy or kitten marked their territory, the room that someone once smoked cigarettes in or the kitchen that has hosted so many delicious and flavourful meals. Give the new owners, or yourself, the fresh start you deserve and make some new memories.


  1. Airborne Irritants in Home Ventilations System (HVAC)

Over time air vents trap a collection of bacteria, allergens, pathogens, mold spores and odors and distribute them throughout your home.  Ozone blasting treatments through your HVAC system allows the tiny ozone molecules to target and eliminate the micro-sized airborne irritants that furnace and air duct cleanings cannot remove. Both home maintenance methods, ozone and duct cleanings, are important to the upkeep of air quality within your indoor environment and should be performed every two years.


  1. Alleviate Frequent Illness

Frequent headaches, allergies, asthma or respiratory problems could be alleviated through ozone blasting treatments. If you are not able to pinpoint the causes of these ailments an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Inspection with testing can provide information regarding the quality of air that you are breathing within your home. Having a routine ozone blasting treatment every two years will help improve air quality within your home by eliminating allergens, pathogens and bacteria.  Reducing the amount of airborne irritants in your home will allow you to breathe easier and stay on top of your indoor air quality.

Dirty Air Ducts

” 50 % of all illness is either caused or aggravated by poor indoor air quality.”

– American College of Allergists