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Rain Rain Go Away!

In light of recent heavy rainfalls in the Calgary area, we complied a short list of some areas for homeowners to inspect so you can best protect your largest asset–your home. Being a licensed home inspector specializing in waterproofing matters, we have conducted a number of moisture intrusion inspections for home owners recently to investigate the cause of water intrusion issues.  Some clients have minor leaks, while other clients will have extensive repairs to make due to poor waterproofing systems on their home. Water is a home’s worst enemy, and it is worth taking all efforts to keep it out of your home! After all water inside a home left neglected can lead to structural damage, mold or health issues. It is best to error on the side of caution and address any leaks immediately, finding the cause and preventing another leak from happening in the future.

Here are a few areas you can inspect yourself:

  1. Ensure all downspouts are down and draining away from the home (6-8ft). You may need to install extensions on your downspouts to express the rainfall away from your foundation.
  2. Check your downspouts and gutters for blockages and clean out any debris.
  3. Do a full walk around your home to inspect the grading surrounding your home’s foundation. To avoid water intrusion, the ground around your home needs to slope away from the house. Be a nice neighbor, and consider your neighbors grading and how your grading may affect their home’s chances for water intrusion.
  4. Frequently visit the basement within your home, and look for any wet spots; especially after a heavy rainfall.
  5. Inspect your window wells outside. Ensure the wash-rocks within the window well are 6” below the window ledge, and that the weeping tile system is clear for water passage.

For true peace of mind have a licensed home inspector conduct a full inspection of the basement, attic, flashing, roofing, siding, window wells, grading, and more… Home inspectors are equipped with trade tools to help uncovered deficiencies hidden to the naked eye.

A licensed home inspector who is certified to conduct moisture intrusion inspections is your best bet to protect your home from preventable and costly water leaks! Call Adam with Bocc Home Inspections today at (403) 585-6279 to book a comprehensive moisture intrusion inspection, complete with the use of thermal imaging camera and moisture meter. If you have any questions regarding what you found during your own mini-inspection, please do not hesitate to reach us.

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