Creating Hygge In Your Home

Creating Hygge In Your Home

Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is a Danish word meaning “Cozy Living”

  • Comfort
  • Relax
  • Peace
  • Social

“Hygge inspires joyful living, simple pleasures, togetherness, peace and warmth. It celebrates family and friends and taking time for relaxing and recharging. Hygge embraces community and the everyday; it is sharing a meal at the kitchen table and sitting quietly by a roaring fire on a rainy night.”  – Krista Hermanson of Krista Hermanson Design

How can we create Hygge in our home? It is more than just design, it includes taking time out of our day to relax, recharge and connect in our home. I believe a space influences our feelings, mood and activities; so by creating a space conducive to these hygge activities, we will be off to a good start!

  • Textures (thick knitted pillows or blankets, soft throws, lush area rugs)
  • Natural items (wool, fur, raw wood, ceramics)
  • Your favorite photos & things that you love
  • Candles (or room diffusers)
  • Music
  • Delicious foods and drinks
  • New bubble bath & pajamas/loungewear
  • Time spent with friends & loved ones
  • A good book or boardgame
  • Take up a new hobby (turn off the TV and reconnect in a calming activity, ex: knitting, poetry, writing, journalling, or crossword puzzles)
  • Simplicity – indulge in the simple pleasures of life. No need for extravagance
  • Flowers & plants