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Simply Ways to Declutter Your Home

By March 1, 2017March 6th, 2017Home Maintenance, Uncategorized

25 Things You Can Clear Out of Your Home

Get a Head Start on Spring Cleaning!

  1. The old cell phone you ditched when you upgraded.
  2. Power cords that don’t work/aren’t needed/you don’t even know what they belong to.
  3. Worn out or extra cooking utensils and measuring cups.
  4. Mugs you kind of hate.
  5. Lingerie, socks and underwear you never wear.
  6. Ripped, stained, damaged clothes you’re holding onto for whatever reason.
  7. Throw pillows that no longer go with your decor.
  8. Linens you don’t use.
  9. Kids artwork (take a pic first!). You could incorporate all the photos into a photobook!
  10. Tax paperwork older than seven years.
  11. Shoes you haven’t worn in over a year.
  12. Makeup that’s old.
  13. Hair ties & pins that are in bad shape.
  14. Nail polish that’s crusted shut/out of style/gross.
  15. Underwear/boxers that have holes in them (keep the mouse in the house).
  16. Books you’re never going to read again.
  17. Toys your kids never play with.
  18. Jewelry you haven’t worn in more than a month.
  19. Old cans of paint (colors that are no longer in your home) taking up space in the storage room.
  20. A sentimental item you’ve been guilted into keeping that you don’t want.
  21. Clothing in storage that is just taking up space.
  22. Outdoor wear that is outdated or unloved (touques, mix-matched gloves, scarves, snowpants, coats etc…).
  23. Old magazines and paperwork that have already been read.
  24. Cleaning products and chemicals . Be sure to dispose of safely!
  25. Fridge & pantry items –check expiry dates.

A great way to donate your unwanted items that are still in good condition to goodwill, family in need or a ‘Giveaway’ page on Facebook.


“If you don’t love it or use it, it is clutter!”